Participate to ANTIMIC 2024 international conference !

Polytech’Lille, France - Face-to-face event

In its fourth version, this symposium aims to provide the most recent and relevant knowledge on the contribution of natural substances in the fight against antibiotic resistance, as part of the integrated One Health approach. In addition to this medical dimension, ANTIMIC 2024 will also focus on the application of these natural substances as alternative molecules to replace chemical preservatives, in the context of food bioconservation and biocontrol.

ANTIMIC 2024 will bring together world-renowned experts to take stock of the development of alternative molecules to antibiotics worldwide, for both human and veterinary medicine. This extremely important epidemiological point is expected to enable us to measure the need for the scientific community to mobilize for multidisciplinary and innovative research aimed at reducing the amplitude of this societal phenomenon which is becoming increasingly threatening. Scientists gathered for the event will be able to discuss the potential of natural substances such as antimicrobial peptides, bacteriophages and essential oils as alternatives to antibiotics. Lectures will focus not only on the observed effects of these molecules, but also on the means of producing them by natural and chemical means, the synergies they can offer with each other and with conventional antibiotics, the optimization of the activities of these molecules by nanoparticles, and finally the symposium will also shed light on the regulatory aspects and the marketing of these natural substances.

ANTIMIC 2024 is a biennial scientific event organized by the Laboratoire International Associé sur les Antimicrobiens Naturels (LIAAN), a partnership between the Institut sur la Nutrition et les Aliments Fonctionnels (INAF, Université Laval, Québec) and the Unité Mixte de Recherche Transfrontalière BioEcoAgro (UMRT 1158, Université de Lille).

ANTIMIC 2024 will provide an opportunity for young researchers at doctoral or post-doctoral level to meet and exchange ideas with experts from academia and industry, and to make contacts that can help them build their professional projects. 

The same week, from 27 to 28 June 2024, we also organise OHID 2024 at Polytech' Lille!